Carrom Eurocup 2019

Participants at Eurocup 2019

June 12, 2019

Behind the following link please find the current state of the list of participants for the Eurocup 2019 in Bad Honnef. The list shows all Carrom players participating in at least one event (Singles, Doubles, Teams) and it will be updated with changes.


If somebody is missing her/his name, even though she/he has registered, then her/him or the contact person of your federation/club should contact us via as soon as possible. And please contact us, too, if you find typing mistakes or wrong/missing information.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Arif Naqvi as a guest in addition to the currently 138 registered Carrom players. It is also a pleasure to welcome 17 registered family/friends escorts from different countries (these are not on the list of Carrom players).

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