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Eurocup event

Carrom Eurocup is held year by year by a different member country of ECC European Carrom Confederation, 2019 the 23rd Eurocup was held in Bad Honnef by the German Carrom Federation.

Many Carrom players

At Eurocup 2019 at Singles Event over about 13 rounds, a number of  138 Carrom players met each other, and the Open Doubles was a fight between 52 teams.

Eurocup mode

The Carrom Eurocup runs over 3 tournament days, on the first the Team Event and the Open Doubles take place in parallel, and on the next 2 days the singles event is held.

International tournament

At Team Event 2019 there were 8 National teams fighting, however, at Eurocup were players from 13 nations and the World champion  Chamil Cooray as far-traveled guest.

Greetings from the DCV President for Eurocup 2019

Dear friends and Carrom lovers
we are pleased to welcome you in Bad Honnef, Germany for the 23rd Carrom Eurocup. 23 years of Carrom on the European level is quite a long time. I still remember my first Eurocup in Berlin in 1998 ...
... After having played on national tournaments for some years, I was totally excited about the international atmosphere and the way playing Carrom made it so easy to get in contact with people of so many nationalities and origins and become friends!

While searching for a location in early 2018, Johannes Jörg and me had a vision of how it would be to spend five days together in the youth hostel in Bad Honnef. The location will be ours for the weekend and everything that we need can be found under one roof: Celebrating, playing, eating, sleeping and relaxing in one area without the need of commuting between the locations. The hostel has different fun and sportive courts, barbecue facilities and an amphitheatre with an open-air stage.

We believe that the place has all the requirements for having a beautiful weekend together. On the other hand, we have to face the situation that there will be only about eleven two-bed-rooms in total. But we are sure that despite the fact that lots of us appreciate some sort of nocturnal comfort, the benefits of our location will exceed the downsides.

The management of the youth hostel, Mr. and Mrs. Becker, who are familiar with carrom, supported and encouraged us for staying here. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to them.

Let us celebrate our vision of a common Europe. We would like to invite you and your families to participate and share your talents, ideas and passions. This year‘s Eurocup-Logo with the participating nations as stars over the Rhine area, represents this idea.
Look forward to seeing you this summer!

Bonn, 2019 February,
Dirk Polchow - -- German Carrom Federation

Participants 2019

At Eurocup 2019 there were around 150 Carrom players, below the lists of participants.

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