Carrom Eurocup 2019

The 23rd Carrom Eurocup took place in Bad Honnef, Germany.
Last website update: 3.8.2019


Carrom Eurocup Bad Honnef 1.–5.8.2019
Pierre Dubois is the eurocup winner

In the finals of the 23rd Carrom Eurocup, Pierre Dubois won with 2 successful matches (3:25, 7:25) against Mehedi Hassan. Congratulations to Pierre on successful title defense!

Singles rounds finished

After 13 rounds, 8 of them already yesterday, the finalists and the ranks of all other players are determined. Mehedi Hassan from Sweden will face reigning champion Pierre Dubois from France / La Réunion in the final. Rangliste 

Last round, last board: White Slam

Sylwester Pogorzelski from Poland managed a White Slam in the last round at the last board of the matchday. Congratulations! Rankings

4th round in the livestream

At 14 o'clock the 4th round at Singles Event starts and we are live on Facebook per video through the tournament rooms ... Carrom Eurocup live videos on Facebook      

Singles tournament is running

Actually 3rd round at Carrom Eurocup Singles Event is running ... The round results and rankings please find at the live database: SOL Rankings Eurocup 2019 Singles

Team UK won the Team Event

Long time Italy was the ranking leader and Switzerland on 2nd together with UK, bbut in the end Team UK won the Eurocup 2019. Italy is 2nd, 3rd is Team Switzerland and Team Germany is at rank 4 after 7 rounds ... Weiter geht's hier:  Team Event Ergebnisse 2019   

Doubles Eurocup Winner

Christian Russo (GER) and Mehedi Hassan (SWE) are the Eurocup Winner, after 8 rounds, they won the Doubles Finals against the UK team Ish Kumar and Shaheen Miah with 25 : 18. All Doubles results On Facebook the Finals have been seen as freestyle Live video, here find and watch the record:   

WDR Lokalzeit shows Eurocup scenes

Today, Friday 2.8.2019 at 19:30 in "Lokalzeit Bonn" showed the WDR a 3-minute video Eurocup report (starts from 07:50) Here's the recording of the program:   WDR Mediathek Lokalzeit Bonn 2.8.

Ranks after 8 rounds Doubles

8 rounds in Doubles are played. Many of the 52 teams left at the end their forces, because the rounds were all extremely exciting. The field of participants in this year's Eurocup was so close together that you should have played 14 laps. But the finalists are now clear: With Christian Russo is a German […]

First White Slam

Sandesh Karekar (UK) has played the first White Slam at Eurocup 2019. Congratulations!

Intermediate result at halftime

At Team Event 4th round starts now. Italy is leader after 3 rounds followed by UK and Switzerland. Current ranking: Ranking Teams with Fotos The Doubles are 4 rounds old, current ranking:  Ranking Doubles after 4 rounds

Doubles: Starter list

Teamfindings finally have been finished now. 52 double teams will start: List of Double teams

Anticipation, arrival, warm-up

At 9 o'clock start the Tournaments for 23rd Carrom Eurocup. 52 Double teams are playing, parallel 8 National teams at Team Event will start.  List of teams

Double teams at Eurocup

52 Double teams are registered for Eurocup 2019. Registered double teams

Participants at Eurocup 2019

Behind the following link please find the current state of the list of participants for the Eurocup 2019 in Bad Honnef. The list shows all Carrom players participating in at least one event (Singles, Doubles, Teams) and it will be updated with changes. Participants If somebody is missing her/his name, even though she/he has registered, […]

End of registration period

The registration period ends today at March, 26th. Last chance to register! Registration

ODM Open tournament in Dortmund

On Saturday, Mai 4th the Carrom Club Remote Controlled Striker Dortmund organizes the 1st tournament 2019 for ODM, Open German Carrom Championship of DCV. Inform and register Just 3 weeks later, on Saturday, May 25th, the 2nd ODM tournament 2019 will be held in Berlin by Carrom Sport Club Berlin. Further information about this tournament […]

Entry fees: 10 € more

Dear friends, it's incredible how time flies and we are all looking forward to seeing you all at the Eurocup in Bad Honnef. We would like to give you an update on three points that are very important for the registration process that runs out at March, 26th. Waiting list In order to remain within […]

Invitation to the Eurocup 2019

On behalf of German Carrom Federation DCV president Dirk Polchow has sent the invitation to all European Carrom associations at last sunday. That means the registration period for Carrom Eurocup 2019 is open now till end of March, registrations are excepted by e-mail to Important hint for National Carrom Federations, that plan to register […]

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Our website for Carrom Eurocup 2019 is online now.


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Thank you!

THX to all participants! But also THX to the  organization team of DCV for all around the event, THX to the DJH Youth Hostel Bad Honnef for the perfect location, good food and a nice service, THX to all DCV clubs and carrom.CZ for their boards, THX to the tournament committee for perfect tournament management and THX to all, who participated in the construction, modification and dismantling of boards!

Eurocup Results

They are always exciting, the rankings and reports of Carrom tournaments. Please find here the Eurocup results 2019:


Eurocup Singles Winner 2019
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Doubles Swe/Ger

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Team UK

Eurocup Teams Winner 2019
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